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Callpipeline.com help’s businesses Get More Phone Calls from the web and offers Performance-Based Lead Generation Services, web development and Internet marketing. We generate calls from people searching online in your local area and Make your phone ring. We do this with PPC and Mobile Ads in search engine like Google – targeting only your location.


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Sir Gear is a Web Magazine for guys – who are into cool stuff like motorcycles, muscle cars and high tech gear, culture and stuff! GEAR for a Sir.. Check it out!!!

The site is built on WP with a custom clean, simple design.


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xs650chopper.com has been acquired.. I am no longer involved with the project. 

My favorite project to date – xs650chopper.com, a motorcycle blog.. The site is 90% user generated content and is monetized by selling advertising directly to businesses. The site is profitable and constantly growing. 

Here is a quick video.


Display skateboards turns your skateboard deck into Skateboard Furniture.

Display skateboards is a project I started a few years ago with my younger brother who is a furniture designer. I came up with the product idea and worked with my brother Peter to produce a product blueprint. Then, I negotiated with a local furniture manufacturer to produce the product at volume.

The Steel Hairpin Legs bolt directly onto your board.. Bolt the legs onto any regular size skate deck and you have your own killer skateboard furniture. Great for use as a table or chair in dorm rooms. You can purchase a set of legs and turn your skateboard into a piece of furniture at displayskateboards.com


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Check out the new xs650chopper.com Tee. Its a work of art, with TONS of detail. You can check it out at www.xs650chopper.com/t-shirt. Pick one up and support xs650chopper.com.

1979 Xs650-Chopper motorcycle: I will be publishing a complete build log of my 2 year motorcycle project.

Open source WordPress plugin: This WordPress plugin extracts the e-mail addresses from people who have left comments on your WordPress blog.  The plug-in has a admin function in the control panel of WordPress. In the control panel you can click a button that opens up the download comments e-mail address options.

A great way to get more comments on your site is to have a comment contest. Offer something of value to incentivize your readers to participate and leave comments on your site. Download zip file (Click Here) – Currently unsupported.. sorry.


Hughs HandBuilt is a small custom motorcycle shop in the Mountains on North Carolina. Hughs website was in pretty rough shape. So I build him a NICE WordPress power site. I ended up using a premium WP theme designed by Brian (founder of WPBids). The theme was heavily customize to showcase HughHandBuilt’s popular products. I sprinkle the site with some SEO, targeting keywords related to his products. Hughs is now very busy and happy with this new website. You can try and ask him but you probably won’t be able to get him on the phone!


E-Ecommerce – Monstercraftsman: Monstercraftsman is a e-commerce website for custom motorcycle parts. I started working with Jon the founder of Monstercraftsman after he purchased some advertising space on xs650chopper.com. Soon I was helping him with marketing consulting, working to improve online marketing campaigns and increase sales of this Hand-made Chain Tensioners. I built the Monstercraftsman E-commerce’s site.


WPBids.com- A Project Proposal Theme For WordPress:
Brian is the founder of WPBids a project proposal theme for WordPress. The theme makes it easy for designers and developers to send project proposals to clients by using WordPress as a project proposal management system. I worked on WPBids Copywriting, Landing page design, Adwords campaign and A/B testing.


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