Passionate about business

I have listened to Andrew Warner do interviews on successful tech entrepreneurs for over a year and a half. It’s so awesome to have someone as passionate about business as Andrew to listen to and filter out the noise. I’m already super passionate about business but after listening to one of Andrew interviews I’m ready to make stuff happen.

If you’re interested in online business and entrepreneurship and don’t know about Andrew and Mixergy you have to check out some of his interviews.

Here is how Andrew describes the Mixergy Mission “ I want to show you that the best way to grow is to learn from a mix of smart people who are willing to share their expertise and experiences. The Mixergy Mission is to infect you with a passion for business and then help you build your business.”

My two favorite interviews are:

Paul Singh is the founder of MailFinch, the company that helps you send direct mail. All you have to do is upload a PDF and they’ll take care of the rest: printing, mailing, contact management, campaign blasts, drip campaigns and more. He also runs a business consulting company called Results Junkies.

Ryan Allis is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of iContact, the leading global provider of email marketing services to small and mid-sized businesses. He is also the author of the book Zero to One Million,

Both Ryan and Paul are super scrappy entrepreneurs which is one of the reasons I dig their interviews so much. In both interviews Andrew is able to pull out solid nuggets of info.

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  1. Andrew Warner at 2:32 pm #


    Those are two of my favorites too.

    Looking forward to seeing the site you launch. (I one currently behind the password wall.)